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Abha Light Foundation

Upon my arrival in Kenya I met Didi Ananda, the director of the Abha Light Foundation in Nairobi, who has been a great source for inspiration in many ways. She has not only managed to build up an organisation renown throughout the world for quality and honesty solely with the grace of charity as well as a good amount of altruistic work but also successfully established homoeopathy in a country where this kind of inexpensive medicine has been largely unknown.

Today, the Abha Light Foundation has Kenya's most comprehensive homoeopathic portfolio as well as multiple well-established hospitals at its disposal and developed medicine with tremendous potential for malaria and other diseases. Our common interests have brought us together and we have formed a friendship that is both inspiring and supportive.

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Etatu is a charity that aims to enhance educational opportunity and achievement, encourage inspirational individuals and improve life chances and livelihoods.


Energy Africa Ltd.

Energy Africa transforms agriculture, bringing employment and new technology to farming in Shimba Hills. They provide products and quality previously not available on the south coast.


Pendo Kenia

Henry Ndurya established the organization Forum for Orphans Malindi (FOM) in 2003 to support the orphaned and vulnerable children in and around Malindi. Since its founding, Mr. Ndurya and his team have been able to establish and build 20 schools where more than 2,500 children have found refuge. At the moment, half of these schools run on their own, so the FOM currently cares for and runs the remaining 9 schools.


Asante e.V.

Asante e.V. is a non-profit association that supports school children in Tiwi.

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