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Msambweni, September 2015

The decoration of the inside of our Earthbag House has begun. We are currently creating benches out of concrete and plaster.

Msambweni, Beginning of September 2015

The outer plastering of the house has been started. We will soon start working on the inside, too.


Msambweni, August 2015

The makuti roof for our earthbag house is now finished and fully erected. You can already picture the look of the house once completed. The next step will be applying the breathing earthen plaster to the walls.


Msambweni, July 2015

After 4 days of drying, we have been able to remove the lintel casting forms and finish the shell by laying the last two rows of earthbags. The finished wall has been spiked with iron bars to establish a connection between the wall and the ring beam which will be the final element of the shell and form the resting point for the makuti roof.

IMG 2728 IMG 2729


Msambweni, June 2015

Day 8

We have finished the shell of the earthbag house and have started casting the lintels over the windows and doors. After letting them dry for a week, we will add one more rows of earthbags, followed by casting the ringbeam which will hold the roof. The total height of the shell will then measure 2,55 m approx.

Casting the lintels Casting the lintels 2

Casting the lintels


Day 5

Building the earthbag house continues. After 5 days of filling and stacking earthbags and inserting dummies for doors and windows, the house is slowly taking shape. The shell is growing and we hopefully will soon reach our final target of 23 earthbag rows. We have also started laying cables for electricity.

The shell of the earthbag house   Day 4 Filling earthbags


Day 2

Erecting the shell of the earthbag house is going well. 1/4 of the total height has been erected in 2 days of hard work.

Filling the sand bags Stacking the bags



Msambweni, July 2015

NTV Kenya has asked us to do an interview about growing and using herbs as medicine.

Msambweni, May 2015

Laying the foundation for our earthbag house in Msambweni has been finished. The size of the house will be 12 meters in diameter. The unique building method we employ for this building project was pioneered by Iranian-American Nader Khalili who first put his ideas to practical use by providing emergency shelter for Iraqi refugees in 1995. Hence the houses made of earthbags needed to be highly affordable, easy and quickly to build for non-skilled labourers as wells as made from widely available materials with only the simplest of tools.

In a nutshell Earthbag building boils down to filling bags with an appropriate fill material, tamping them solid and stacking them sensibly. And since most of the material used for erecting the shell of the house is locally available earth this building method goes beyond the aforementioned advantages and further impresses through a very low impact on the environment, extreme durability and a high degree of sustainability.

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