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Mivumoni, 16th October 2015

It was our first invitation to present the produce of our growing model farm and we went excited and as well prepared as we could. We have made many new contacts and even had the chance to talk to the governor who showed a keen interest in our project.

We try to answer any questions

World Food Day 1

Governor Salim Mvurya expressed his interest

World Food Day 2

What impressed us most was the fact that we met so much openness and interest for alternative medicines and herbal medicinal solutions, healthy organic food and disease prevention based on alternative medicine. Today's lesson? We carry on, encouraged, and we will return next year better equipped with a table, chairs and a banner to create our project the stage it deserves.


Msambweni, September 2014,

The regular voluntary beach clean-up day is one of many ways to contribute to the conservation of our environment and the local community by raising environmental awareness and I am grateful for this opportunity. Hence, my team and I followed the call and set out to clean the beach here in Msambweni together with the representative of the local Beach Unit.

After two hours of hard work under the scorching sun and crawling through caves, we have collected eight big refuse bags full of plastic and glass bottles, worn-out shoes and other relicts of environmental neglect. Back at the shamba, we have emptied the bags and separated the waste for recycling. On the following Sunday I have loaded my small RAV 4 with all the collected recyclables and delivered them to Christopher`s company in Diani Beach. He not only makes a living out of reusing and recycling plastics and other materials but also of reconditioning old items and thus was very grateful for the big load.

Beach Clean Up 2 resized

Beach Clean Up 1 resized

I hope we have set a good example for our community and beyond and I am certain that we have made another small step on the path to living sustainably and contributing to the improvement of environmental health.


Msambweni, June 2014

Expat News, a news and service portal for expats and emigrants, has approached me for an interview about my emigration to Kenya, the model farm and my experiences in this beautiful country. Read the interview in German here.

The escalation is still in the process. It is now 48 feet. We don't have a trace of water yet. We are positive that soon we will get water.

Work on the well continues Well being escavated



We are preparing the Mivumoni Shamba for planting...

Preparing the farm for planting

Mivumoni farm



We have planted Eucalyptus seedlings on a trial place and it has showered some good light that it will grow in this area. This Eucalyptus hybrid comes from South Africa. It does not require a lot of water and it is a hard wood that grows quickly.

Young eucalyptus seedling Purchase of Eucalyptus seedlings
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