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Msambweni, September 2016

In September we collected hundreds of empty plastic bottles in front of a hotel, cut them open and stuck them on the Casuarina fencing posts. This protects them from mouldering in the humid rain season.

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Msambweni, July 2016

The local inofficial road that leads to our farm was blocked several times for inexplicable reasons. Therefore, we had to find an official route. The 300 meter long road was measured after the Subcounty Comissioner gave his approval. Afterwards, the bush was cleared over 4 days by 11 local men. Unfortunately, some trees had to be cut down and their roots had to be excavated. The whole matter turned into a community project and caught on with the locals. It led to the introduction of Miti Milele to the eldest of the village and other local people in charge.

Msambweni, June 2016

In June, Khalid Njowa, born 1987 and Joachim Kwaru, born 1992, two young artists from the Ugandan School of Art, have conducted a two weeks project at the main house in Msambweni. The Stukko on the inside of the house was irreparably damaged at several places and some parts of the facade needed a makeover. These beautiful murals and mosaics are the result of a close collaboration with the two artists, with extensive discussions and sketching to gather all our ideas. We wish both continued success and all the best for their future endeavours.

Msambweni, February 2016

Our newest pilot project, a solar cooker, is now finished and is being used on a daily basis to cook the food for the dogs. The biggest advantage is, that it runs solely on solar energy without having to be fired with charcoal coal or wood. It is more environmentally friendly as you don't have to cut down trees to produce charcoal. Further, it doesn't generate any smoke. It was designed by Karin to hold two large pots and built by a local carpenter.


The pots and the inner of the cooker have been painted in black to absorb the sunlight. The lid has double glasing which also contributes to the accumulation of heat. In the morning, we place the cooker outside, by midday we have to orient it towards the sun, so that it can absorb more sunlight. The food is cooked through in the evening. No stirring needed, as the food cannot burn or boil over. It cooks at a steady tempereature of about 150 degrees celcius. The cooker is, besides the environmental advantage, a much saver and, in the long run, cost reducing alternative to ordinary cookers (also known as jikos) or open fireplaces.


Msambweni, June 2016

Father George Okuto, an old friend and herbalist, paid us a visit in Msambweni on the 13 of June. He held a lecture about using medicinal herbs. We planted Artemisia seedlings and created a herbal medicine walk at the model farm. In total we idenfitied and numbered 44 medicinal herbs.

November 2015

The organization ETATU has asked me to hold a lecture about Jiggers, also known as Tunga Penetrans or Chigoe Flea and an alternative treatment on the 02 of November.

JiggersWorkshop1 JiggersWorkshop2 JiggersWorkshop4

Jiggers is a flea that eats into the skin and leaves nasty wounds which can become infected resulting in sepsis or even disfigurements. Patients cannot walk, children cannot attend school. It is a very painful condition which is traditionally treated by removing the flea including the head with a sharp stick. This again causes a lot of pain.

An alternative treatment, which I talked about, is a footbath made of same parts of kerosene and plant-based oil. The fleas and their eggs die within approximately 6 days and the wounds can heal properly.

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