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Living on a Model Farm

What does this mean? It has been a dream of mine for a long time to establish a model farm for herbal medicine, organic agriculture, sustainable living, and reforestation. After having moved into this wonderful cloverleaf-like self-designed house, a lot of additional work has been necessary for updates, repair, and already restoration. Amongst many others, this included designing and ordering custom-build furniture for the house and staff quarters, building a 30.000 l storage water cistern to come through the dry season and adding a second guest room.

house small

storehouse small

Meanwhile, our herbal garden and organic farming project slowly but steadily grew. With sheer endless patience we have conducted a lot of research in and carried out many experiments with plants and trees, soil composition, composting themes as well as organic fertilisers and pesticides based on effective microbes. This would not have been possible without the great network of friends and companies who provided us with advice and products.

Tomato and chili small sl-16 small

Almost everything grows now, and that completely without making use of any chemicals which in itself is nothing short of amazing in tropical countries and we are harvesting tomatoes as well as a large variety of other vegetables and fruits. The herbal garden provides us with a wide range of medicinal plants which allows us in case of health issues to simply go to the farm, cut off the required plant parts and process them to herbal remedies and alternative medicine accordingly.

It is safe to say that we have provided the structures and created an environment in which our project can thrive. The next step will be to pass on the accumulated knowledge effectively in lectures and practical workshops on the farm.

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We also intent in the future to carry out consultancy work in terms of visiting interested local people and providing support with seeds and seedlings, preparing herbal ointments, like Chili creme against arthrosis and making black stones serving as a local first aid against snake bites. Next to local farmers we have already compiled a long list of schools, hospitals, and organisations having expressed a keen interest andwhich will be considered for future events.

I am very thankful for the support we have received and for the lovely people living here.

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