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Alice Wanjiru Nguku

Alice started with us as a housekeeper and oversaw the construction of the main house right from the start. She now also cooks delightful daily lunches and pays the salaries for the workers. Alice knows English and Swahili and therefore plays an important role within the team. In 2013 she had a healthy son named Adrian. Her major goal is to work hard to be able to provide the best possible education for him.

Gardener 1 Miwumoni

Kosmas Komesha

Kosmas has been with us almost from the start. He leads the team in Mivumoni and assigns the daily tasks at the farm. His ancestors come from Tanzania and emigrated to Kenya to work in the former sugar cane factory. He works hard and besides his duties at the farm, he has four children to care for. His dream is to have a farm one day and to breed cows, just as his father did.


Juma Koi

Koi is living in our small town. He was born in Msambweni Munje and grew up with five siblings. His circumstances allowed him only to attend primary school up to standard five because there was a lot of work around the family's house and farm. He is a very clever and inquistive young man supervising and coordinating the farm work. It was a fortunate coincidence that he was standing at the fence one day in 2012 and asked for work.

Gardener 2 Miwumoni

Ali Mdonda

Ali is 59 years old and is the oldest of the workers, because of which we like to call him Mzee, meaning venerable man. Agriculture and farming are his great passions. He is divorced and lives with his youngest daughter in Magisini. Ali already has five grandchildren from his other two married daughters. His friendly nature and great sense of responsibility make it a pleasure to work with him.


Halifani Hamisi Juma

Halifani joined our team in Msambweni in July 2016, as one of the older gardeners left. Born in 1993, he is the youngest of all workers. He grew up in Munje with a single mother and 5 siblings. He had to leave school as they only could afford the school fees until the seventh grade. His biggest wish is to get married when he is 30, to have 5 children and his own house as well as a small shop in the village.

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