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He who takes time to think will find inner strength (Laozi)

This is my motto. I want to do something different and live a simple life without luxury. My vision is to slow down, find inner peace and be happy. 20 years I have worked as a general practitioner and naturopath in Germany, three sons enriched my life. And yet god's moves led me to Kenya.

The desire to make a contribution to a world worth living in was answered with the foundation of my own company to cultivate hardwood trees and medical plants. The name of the company Miti Milele means "Trees for Eternity" in Swahili and stands for the sustainability of my work.

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Since 1989 I brought up three sons as a single mother. At the same time I worked full-time as a GP in a large group practice. While my two fellow GPs have been specialized in cardiology and general surgical medicine I specialized in naturopathy. Our clinic was well visited and after a while the excessive work took its toll and I had a breakdown.

In 1995 I resigned heavy-heartedly from this wonderful cooperation and didn’t want to work as a general practitioner anymore. I had enough of the stressful on-call duty at night and the home visits besides taking care of three children, the big house and the housework.

Rethinking my life, the wish grew to live in a simpler environment with less stress and duties. So, I started to travel to find this place. Through coincidences I visited Tanzania and from there Kenya. Quite quickly I established social contacts in Kenya and later even founded a company and bought a piece of land. With the piece of land the love for agriculture and forestry as well as sustainable living and herbal medicine in the tropics grew stronger and stronger.

As chance would have it I followed the footsteps of my great grandfather who at times of imperator Wilhelm and the German colonisation emigrated to Tanzania. Around 100 years later his great granddaughter did the same but in Kenya. Is it the call of blood? Or is it the dream of a child to live on a farm one day? Anyway, in the end it came true.

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