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Miti Milele now rents out two guest rooms in the farmhouse where you can relax and unwind. The rooms are ensuite with warm water and equipped with mosquito nets at the windows as well as bednets. Towels and bed linen are provided free of charge. Cleaning will also be provided everyday except sundays and bank holidays. Our very reasonable prices are available on request.

Master Guestroom with Double Bed and Ensuite Bathroom

Bahati Guestroom with Double Bed and Ensuite Bathroom

Surounded by nature’s sounds, the bushes and our beautiful garden, body and soul can regenerate here at Miti Milele. On request, we can cook tasteful dishes for example with freshly caught fish or you can use our shared kitchen. TV and internet is free of charge. The house has a porch, a large gallery on the first floor and a lounge on the second floor with a beautiful view where you can watch the sun go down. You are welcome to use all three areas of the house. The large guest room is on the ground floor, the smaller Bahati guest room (Bahati means luck in Swahili) is just beside the large gallery on the first floor. The farmhouse is designed to represent a cloverleaf, a symbol of good luck.

Farmhouse and Garden

Next to the garden are the woods of Miti Milele which are seperated from the garden by a door. The wind blows softly through our Casuarina trees and the temperature is immediately reduced by 5 degrees in the shadows oft the trees. Four cows and 12 laying hens live at the farm and can be fed and petted. Everybody feels at home at the farm. Our dogs also belong to our team of course. They are very friendly and protect the farm and our employees from trespassers.

In 2015 a sandbag house was added to he premises in the Casuarina woods. It was built without using bricks and was a project of ecological, low cost and low tec construction. The large round house has a palm roof and consists of a dining room and two bedrooms with mosquito nets. Attached are two round rooms, the kitchen and the bathroom with warm water. Internet as well as towels and bed linen will be provided. The rooms will be cleaned regularly on weekdays. If you fancy you can relax and have a barbeque at the porch just next to the house.

Sandbag Roundhouse with two Double Bedrooms



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